Comic 61 - #IFightGhosts - Season 2.5

Posted on 2nd Mar 2016, 12:00 AM
#IFightGhosts - Season 2.5
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mdunn82 3rd Mar 2016, 1:21 PM edit delete
Hey guys,
We wanted to take a moment to thank all our subscribers, readers, and supporters. You all are so awesome, and we hope you continue to support the #IFG series long into the future. We're on our way to the last couple months before the end of Season 2. So, if the upcoming downtime brings you down, if you long for some Spectro, in-between seasons, then you can head over to our kickstarter and grab yourself a physical copy of the collected #IFightGhosts. This will combine all our content from here on the site, as well as Spectro's guest appearances from other comics, and some other awesome things.

So, click on that banner up top and grab yourself one. If you're not interested, then at least do us a solid and share the link with your friends and social media pages.

Thanks a ton,
Team #IFG
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